Eng.Serkan Ozsavasci PE
Ferrari Engineer Technician.
About Me


I'm born 1975 in Munich, Germany.  Attend
Technical Vocational School and mastered Electrical & Electronics Systems. In 1995 signed up for the NAVY, attended technical training's and discharged honorably. Graduated from College
and worked for Authorized Dealers as well for Independent Dealers. Become a Member of SAE International as Professional Automotive Engineer & ASE, TST. 

I'm accepted to
Academy Ferrari in Maranello & Academy Maserati in London, UK. I had the opportunity to see the the assembly & principles of manufacturing techniques at Ferrari, Lamborghini & Pagani Automotive Factory's. In 2008 I have been selected for Ferrari Technician Challenge, a competition Ferrari created in 2007 to recognize the finest talents throughout the global network.

In 2010 we started GTE Engineering (aka GT Service). My wife is a lawyer "Legal Counsel" and we have one beautiful child. GTE Engineering & PEGA Clutch is located in Florida. As GTE Engineering we Engineer new parts for selected Gran Turismo models. PEGA Clutch performance facings are  manifactured and assembled exclusively for selected models as well Service Super Sport cars for exclusive clients.

Ferrari Academy Maranello İtaly          Maserati Academy London UK

Professional experience as a Foreman

Master Technician (Foreman) provides Workshop ordinance as well management
of  Workshop environment.

Work activities include:

  • Manage Workshop and all Technicians to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Coordinate workshop schedule.
  • Supervise or Test Drive customer vehicles.
    Successfully train Technicians, coach, and develop workshop standards.
  • Ensure performance measures up to company & Manufacturer code and increase skill and knowledge.
  • Testing and maintaining of Electronic Equipment.
  • Fallow-up with SAT department and dear orders, as well supervise warranty procedures.

Professional experience as Service Engineer 
"Service Manager"

Service Engineer (WSE) provides "After-Sales" technical support to dear Costumers.

Work activities include:

  • Responding to customer for dear Service needs.
  • Evaluating problems with Foreman.
  • Assisting the equipment and scheduling Training.
  • Offering customer training.
  • Monitoring the performance of Workshop.
  • Providing Customers and Management with regular reports and feedback on Service.
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with customers.
  • Making recommendations to Workshop Technicians.

Typically, the role is split between the Office and Workshop premises.

Regular travel within the Europe and US is a common feature.
Travel abroad is common in companies with international markets and clients.

Progression from this role is usually to plant maintenance manager or other senior management positions.

Language :

German, Turkish, English

Sum of my Training Programs : 

1993 Vocational & Technical School. 
- Electric & Electronics systems.

1997 Military NAVY School.
-Radar systems and operations.

2003 ASE (Institute of Automotive Service Excellence) @ SBH.
- Electric & Electronics systems.

2004 TST.
- Digital & Analog Sensor Testing.

- EVAP Systems Diagnosis.
2005 ASE (Institute of Automotive Service Excellence).  
Auto Refrigerant Systems Federal License.
2006 Penn Foster College "AA/Career School"
-Automotive & Diagnostic Technician (Master Diploma).

Academy Ferrari  Italy.
-SD3 Diagnostic System & Programing, Electronic & Electronics Diagnostic. 

2008 Authorize Dealer Training.
-F1 System (Selespeed), 355, 360, F430, 575, 599, 612  models.

2008 Authorize Dealer Training.
-F1 System (Selespeed), 4200, Quattroporte and Granturismo models.

Academy Ferrari  Italy.
- Model California & F458 system training.
- Ferrari New DEIS Diagnostic System introduction.   

2009/10 TST.
- CCr Sensor Waveform Diagnosis Technicians Service Training.
- Vehicle Programming & Diagnostics.

2011 MMO Istanbul (Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Istanbul)
- PİPAP  (Parts assembly & engineering principles)

Academy Maserati  London, GB.
- Diagnostic Technician Training.
- Introduction of new Maserati Diagnostic System.

2014 ASE (Institute of Automotive Service Excellence)
@ FAU.
- Mechanical / Electronic Brakes System Diagnostic.


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